One thought on “March 2019 issue

  1. Scott, n7net, here I’ve been scanning QNI for awhile. I can’t describe my surprise and pleasure in discovering it was on WordPress. Now it won’t be so hard to keep track of past issues. My hamming days began in 1989 with a plan of a kw phone. But 30 years later I’m still on CW, but I can’t recall when I ran more than 5w. About a year ago we moved to an apartment complex that accommodates only a 20m QRP Loop antenna. It took awhile to get heard with only 2 or 3 watts and band conditions as they are.

    Thank you for the hard work you do, Kate. Not everyone notices, but I do. I remember when you were on the traffic nets and often discussing two large dogs who lived with you.

    73 de Scott/n7net

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