One thought on “May 2017 “Dayton” Issue

  1. RE: “Perils of the Delivery Guy” and “Disuse Atrophy…” in the “Dayton” issue of QNI

    I am very glad to read those two proposals.

    WB8SIW’s premise that NTS should be used by organizations to reply to signups etc, seems to me one that ‘we’ should promote first, and immediately. I believe it is only a matter of informing the member organizations and that many will quickly adopt this practice. It baffles me that I might ‘join’ an on-air activity and request a ‘member number’ and that it all has to happen via internet. Once they are aware of this concept, instead of providing my email and telephone number and everything to a faceless web-form, I could simply provide my name, callsign, and, instead of an email address, my contact information could be simply “QFN”. No one would need any further information.

    Perhaps this newsletter could set the example? Although this response is far too long for an NTS message, if it had been short enough, I could have replied via radio, if I only knew the contact information.

    I also support the handling instruction “HXN” proposed by K6DGW. However, any new HX would take some time to be recognized by the masses.



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